Homework Tips For Kids & Teens

by: Kadence Buchanan

Homework has been a perennial headache for kids and teens as well as for their parents. Following are some tips to make homework time more effective and enjoyable for all concerned.

1. No TV. As a general rule, kids should not watch TV while doing their homework. It might be a good policy to have the television turned off any time it’s time to do homework, depending, of course, where the television is located.
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Time Management Tips for the High School Kids


by: Anthony Harris


Getting into high school heaps more responsibilities for an individual. There are a lot more homework, practice schedules, additional subjects, and many others. Being in high school does not only keep you into the borders of studying but rather you also get exposed into other socializing activities.

But then, normal high school kids are not only confined into preparing your assignments since there are still the household chores that you must attend to as you reach home. These things when combined altogether will certainly bring you into a world filled with stress and pressures. The question isówill you be able to manage it? How will you budget your time between all these activities?
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The Meaning of Peace

This is the studio work of 6 children who made it into the top 10 writing contest for elementary school with the theme “What Does Peace For Me” in order to commemorate International Peace Day. The competition was organized by the SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia Family Strengthening Programmes of Yogyakarta. Sixth manuscript of this book (along with 10 large posters photo contest junior and senior high school), including those included in the exhibition Peace in the Karta Pustaka Jl. Bintaran Tengah No. 16 Yogyakarta, start on October 14 to 16 2010. Alhamdulillah, Sanggar Bunga Padi won the first in the name of  El Tsaqofa Najuba Az Zahra titled PEACE IS BEAUTIFUL and third winner in the name of Nur Wahidah Muflihatun titled PEACE IS BEAUTIFUL. Following their work. Continue reading

Studio Gathering

Children travel to the location where a main studio gathering studio traversed by gaiety. Although they only dintar with the truck but no visible expression of sadness on their faces. During the trip they sing the song sing-song from the play that will be staged at the end of the studio gathering.
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Rice Flower Studio agenda today is the interview into a few professions around where we lived by dividing themselves into several groups. Children who are already into the fields, shops and makers dent “forced” on the call back to the studio and ran home or SMS to their homes in order to know that we have got a vehicle to take us to Yogyakarta to attend summit of world peace day event held by SOS children village at once the announcement and acceptance of prize competitions held several SOS children village. Initially we did not intend to attend because since yesterday’s attempt to obtain a rental vehicle that can carry us with an affordable price to no avail. Not all children participate studio, some children “pemabok”, others because of illness. Continue reading

How To Read Faster And Get Your School Work Done In A Blink

by: Howard Stephen Berg


More information is published each week than in all of human history through the year 1800; yet, the average reading speed is only 200 wpm with a mere 10% being retained into long term memory. In the time it takes you to read this sentence, I can read this entire page…and another as well. Recognized as the world’s fastest reader, I will help you learn to read faster so you can complete your assignments quickly and easily, and still find time for things that you enjoy.
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Fundraising Ideas For School Kids

by: Janice Jenkins

Children are pre-occupied with homework and other school activities. They may also get involved with extracurricular work, such as joining clubs and taking part in volunteerism. They may even lend a hand in doing charity work. All these may entail having to raise funds for use in their activities. As they are not earning money yet and under the guidance of their parents, they may want to go for fundraising activities. Of course, fundraising is not an easy task. One of the first steps is looking for fundraising ideas. For kids, they may not fully wrap their head around fundraising ideas. If you wish to suggest fundraising ideas for your kids, you may want to read the following: Continue reading